What size do you wear?

I am usually a size 4, Small, 27 in Jeans, and 9 in shoes.

Who takes your photos?

My sister or I take most food or object photos. I shoot my own travel photos.  Photos of me are usually taken by my sister or fiancé.

How old is your blog?

I started The Beautiful Things in September of 2013.

Did you take a break from blogging?

I did. I took about a year off (twice) to focus on some professional and personal goals. And a few exciting things happened during my time away-most notably that I got engaged! I continually update my Instagram and Snapchat accounts so you can always browse there to see what I’m up to.

Can I still view your older posts?

You can! The original version of my blog is still visible here. Just keep in mind some links are no longer functional since much of its coding is no longer maintained.

Who designed your website?

My fiancé and I worked together to create my site’s design. He does all the coding though!

What is your privacy policy?

Unless otherwise indicated, all photographs, designs, and text contained on The Beautiful Things is the property of the author and can only be reproduced while crediting and/or linking to The Beautiful Things as a source.

All names and email addresses submitted in comment forms will never be used for any purpose other than correspondence related to The Beautiful Things. Private information will never be sold or rented to Third Parties.

Do you accept products for review or participate in sponsored posts? 

I do as long as they keep with my personal sense of style and taste. Complimentary items will always be clearly marked with a “c/o” (“courtesy of”) identifying their status with a link to the sponsor’s site. The fact that I’ve received a complimentary item will never influence the content of The Beautiful Things, and items that are not favorably reviewed will not appear on my site.

If you would like your products to appear on The Beautiful Things, please see the contact page on this site or email vittoria@the-beautiful-things.com to obtain more information.