july 11, 2016

our engagement

David and I’s engagement happened last year today, July 11th, in Central Park, New York. I’m a very detail-oriented and I can honestly say every single moment of it was perfection. I don’t even know where to begin to tell the story but I’ll try!


David and I met the very first day of college (though we’d known of each other since high school). We were inseparable from that moment, thanks to online chatting and similar schedules, and we started dating about a year after we met. I’d never been more comfortable, happy, or relaxed with anyone (or myself) since the day I started knowing him, and he always said the same of me, so the idea of getting married was just always there. We always happily discussed it and rings but with schoolwork and jobs, the timing just was never right.

The first ring David ever bought me was a Tiffany and Co. sterling silver ring (this one to be exact) and I never took it off for years. It was a Christmas gift and he walked to the flagship store in the rain the night be bought it, shielding the iconic blue bag in his leather jacket. I’d always loved Tiffany and Co.–the history, the New York connection, David’s adorable story–and I dreamed of a Tiffany and Co. engagement ring. But that was another thing that never seemed right–I couldn’t chose a ring from their selection for years. David always agreed with my opinions and we just kept waiting to be wowed.

And then one day I spotted the style of my future ring online while idling browsing and knew it was the one. Turns out it was an old, retired style (you can still see a sketch of it on the top of the drawn photo here), but a store was able to track one down for us. We went in to see it and both fell in love. From then on something shifted in David. We decided we didn’t want that exact ring (since I’d seen it so much) and I stepped back a bit to give him the space to find another that would work. Eventually he told me he the ring in hand, and we started to speak vaguely about a proposal and what would make us both happy and comfortable. He set some things up, I set up others, and we always acted as though we could call it off if we decided against any imminent timing. It was thrilling and a blur. I didn’t know if we would go through with it, but also I didn’t care. We both were so happy!

The morning of July 11th, 2015, we arranged to go to Tiffany and Co. again. It was hot summer day but clear and beautiful. David said something vague about checking my size and I didn’t press him. Once uptown, we walked past a lot of the old places we used to frequent when we were young and dating, and happily reminisced. David suggested we cut through Central Park, and I didn’t question him.


I remember at some point saying, “If you’re doing what I think you’re doing, I want you to know it’s perfect.” It seemed like we were wandering forever (David later said he’s scoped out the park earlier in the week to find a good spot), and we stopped a bit up a hill near a large rock under a gorgeous green tree. It was crowded but by some miracle no one was actually nearby us. He fiddled with our camera’s tripod, mumbling that he wanted some photos of us. I’d told him I’d wanted pictures of his proposal but didn’t like the idea of a lurking photographer, so I knew what was coming.


While he was behind the camera that I got so nervous–so incredibly nervous (clearly visible in one of his “test” shots above)! Yet what I remember most about the moment was how calm David was. When he looked up from the camera and walked towards me, I’d never seen him so happy and at peace. I remember thinking that he wasn’t hesitating or taking a deep steadying breath (I on the other hand started shaking).


David said incredibly sweet things about me and us and our life, got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I said yes.


We hugged, we kissed, and though I didn’t cry in the moment, I asked him to sit down so I could “propose” to him–basically I started rambling about our love and started myself crying (I also fished out a watch from my bag that he’d always wanted that I’d bought and kept with me since I knew he had a ring just in case). David moved the tripod and let the camera keep snapping.

DSC_0237 DSC_0269 DSC_0398

We then called our families and though they knew we were ring-shopping they seemed genuinely shocked (which was a lot of fun, as you can tell by our expressions).

DSC_0441 DSC_0543

With the camera situation working out so well–thank you bright summer sun and David’s understanding of Nikon’s menu system–we posed for a few more photos.


We continued to have the best weekend ever–highlighted by a stay in the Mandarin Oriental New York, a hotel we used to pass by to people watch while in collage, and dinner in Per Se, the famed multi-course restaurant atop the Time Warner Center (where we used to frequently share Whole Foods lunches). It was a happy, perfect time and it was ours and it was heaven.

Everyday I remind myself how lucky we are to have found and kept each other. As I said on social media, right after it happened, David has, through pure happiness, made my life beautiful.


Thanks for reading–I hope I don’t sound too sappy! I’ll share more details throughout the week, so keep checking back! x

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