june 24, 2016

my week in photos

This past week and weekend were the first that really felt like summer (Father’s Day and our first barbecue get-together of the season really helped). I’ve got lots on my plate but the great weather and extra sunshine has seriously been helping me get through the days. Hope you have a fabulous Saturday and Sunday!

below, from top to bottom:

My sister’s coworker her mini “sachertortes,” a Viennese specialty chocolate cake layered with apricot jam and ganache–with the traditional whipped cream it’s my undisputed favorite dessert.

David and I at a family friend’s barbecue. I’m wearing this comfortable off-the-shoulder maxi dress from Macys.

The biggest/longest hot-dog I’ve ever seen (David was obsessed).

Our friend’s English bulldog, who was feeling very lazy by the end of the night.

Cards from my sister and I to our dad.

An apple dump cake I made at my father’s request. The “ice cream” is this all-natural nonfat frozen yogurt from Stony Field Organic (it’s so good and not too sweet). The caramel recipe drizzled on top I will be sharing here on the blog next week–spoiler alert: it’s super easy but absolutely incredible!

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