june 22, 2016

trending: one-piece swimsuits

I remember my first two-piece swimsuit (a rose print in two shades of pink, with a sports bra-type top and skirted bottom). I wanted one so badly at the time–I don’t know if I thought of it as more grown-up or more flattering or more comfortable than a one-piece, but I do know that I thought it was very trendy. After that it was bikini after bikni, and I never looked back. I first found it hard to imagine the fashion set swinging back again to a one-pieces, but the trend has been everywhere for a while now and I’ve warmed to it (and actually bought this DKNY suit for myself). Sexy and comfortable the only downside is see is strange tan lines!

from left, in header:

Rosa Mexicana cutout printed halterneck swimsuit: Anna Sui

Les Essentiels Aquarelle swimsuit: Eres

The Anne-Marie striped swimsuit: Solid and Striped

BeFunky Collage BeFunky Collage2 BeFunky Collage3

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