june 17, 2016

my grandmother at ninety

My grandmother turned 90 this past weekend, and though she’s had her share of illnesses (in recent years, mostly, which is no small feat), we knew we wanted to try to get her out of the house to celebrate. She was born in Manhattan, grew up there, worked there, had my mother there, and lived there, on her own, well after my grandfather died–so while her age and health took her out of the New York hustle and bustle she adored, I thought it would be nice to have a dinner where she could at least see the City from a calm distance.

Enter Haven Riverside Restaurant and Bar, which I reviewed last week. The sweet staff actually reached out to thank me for my kind words (visit Kerri-Ann on Twitter!) and then went above and beyond to not only fit us in on a crowded night, but make sure the food was even better than their normal gold-standard. My grandmother was the happiest I’ve seen her in ages, and though it was a late night (even by my standards, let alone hers) the happy memories of family, great food, and smiles, were more than worth it.

P.S. The first photo below is a scallop ceviche (with smoked paprika, my favorite) prepared specially for us by their Chef Ibrahim Sanz (check him out on Twitter and Instagram)–so yummy and so thoughtful. And while I truly loved everything both times I visited, some new tasty standouts included the pretzel-crusted calamari, the pleasantly spicy firecracker popcorn shrimp, and my sisters choice, a perfectly-seasoned sea bass with soba noodles.

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