june 14, 2016

saint patrick's cathedral

I can finally say graduation season is over for me (David’s relatives have kept us really busy the past few weekends, as you may have seen from my Instagram and/or Snapchat). Despite all the stress of scheduled start-times, long ceremonies, manic photo-taking, skipped meals, and inevitable late nights, there are always lovely moments throughout the events. It was fitting to end things in the stunning Gothic-Revival Saint Patrick’s Cathedral here in New York. There are so many gorgeous, iconic buildings in the City that it’s easy to forget about this church, which was finished in 1879 (they actually were building it during the Civil War!). I hadn’t been inside since the recent (and still on-going in places) renovation–but as you can see, they’ve done an incredible job. If you’re ever on Fifth Avenue, be sure to step inside and prepare to sigh.

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Details on what I’m wearing here.

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