june 10, 2016

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Naturally Glossy Mascara in Jet Black: Clinique

I’ve yet to find a mascara that really wows me so I’m pretty content right now rotating through a few favorites. Still, I always make sure I have this formula by Clinique in stock. Since my eyes can be pretty sensitive, on a day where I’m looking for something that won’t irritate them I reach for this. Though it doesn’t make any bold claims about its capabilities, in my experience it’s very pigmented and easily build-able.


All About Eyes Serum De-Puffing Eye Massage: Clinique

I bought this on a whim when beauty shopping for a weekend trip with David (that after a long week of last minute planning I thought I’d be extra tired for!). I’m not sure that it does what it says (though I don’t think my eyes tend to be puffy, even when I’m low on sleep) but I can say that it feels amazing to apply. The metal roller ball is always cold-to-touch and feels incredibly refreshing each morning I use it. The applicator is perfect too–it fits right in your hand like a pen.


Ultra Nourishing Lip Gloss in NakedUrban Decay

I’ve always loved lip glosses more than any other lip product. Even though I often forget to swipe them on (I do up my eyes more than anything), I like knowing that I have a trusty tube of nude gloss in my purse at all times. Over the years I’ve nursed quite a few–a really old one I got as a gift from Bath and Body works (that smelled so good!), this retired Neutrogena type, another from bareMinerals that I won in an online giveaway–and this one by Urban Decay is the latest. It’s a keeper–the formula is less glossy than you’d think, and actually super thick and creamy, like a really wet lipstick.


Soft Kohl Kajal Eyeliner: Rimmel London

This pencil is everything and I’ll tell anyone who will listen. I’ve had all sorts of bad luck with smudgeable pencils. Most slide off my face or skid into unusable lines and even after all that are barely pigmented. Even if they go where I want them too (ideally tight-lining my lid and deepening my liner), they usually fade in a big way. Not this thrifty find: it’s so dark and so long last-lasting, plus the width and texture of both the product and the wood are all easy to use. I panic about the day this might be discontinued and right now have three in my possession: one unopened one, recently opened (heaven), and one tiny stub I keep using till its gone.


Fresh Life Body Lotion and Fresh Citron de Vigne Body Lotion

David bought me both of these as a just ’cause–I hadn’t researched either of them ahead of time or heard anything about them, he just liked the smell. He’s got good taste because they’re both a delight. Though they probbaly wouldn’t cut it for heavy-duty winter moisturizing, despite their “lightweight” descriptions the silky feeling after using them lasts quite a bit. The scents are delicate–I’d call both citrus-y, even the strangely named “Life”–and match the current season and weather perfectly.

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