may 20, 2016

favorite: clinique golden eyeshadow

I’ve tried a lot of beauty products over the years. I mean do you ever stop to think about the amount of things you buy (of anything really) to find “the one” that works? It’s overwhelming! And since I still love to find exciting new things, I’m always browsing on shopping trips. It’s resulted in a lot of “favorites,” both old and recent, but there is nothing in my makeup bag/box as longstanding as this golden, shimmery eye-shadow from Clinique. It has changed its name over the years–when I first found it, it was called “Starstruck” and came in a duo with another color, “Golden Lynx” (it’s pretty funny to see them now on Ebay for $100+!) but the formula and effect have blissfully remained the same.

Eye-shadow was the first makeup I ever applied myself: my mother gave me a pale pink color she got as a sample from Clinique and I used to dust some on (with no other products) when I wanted to “dress up.” I still shudder at the effect of that look (not too much unlike what’s going on here, just without any eyeliner), but smile remembering how it opened the door to the love I now have for makeup, both shopping for it and applying it. I don’t know how I found this color originally (it was probably another sample), but it’s one of the first things I bought for myself from any makeup counter (at Macys, always during “Bonus”/freebie time) as a teenager. And amazingly, improbably, it’s still my go-to after 15+ years. The formula goes on smooth and is super pigmented. The color suits my skin tone and can be dressed up or down and toned up or down (the glitter all but disappears during layering if you need it to). More than anything, I love how it opens my eyes up as a base or on it’s own. As silly as it sounds, any day when I don’t put even a little of it on (it’s great for highlighting too), I feel a bit unfinished. Needless to say I stockpile the color–I’d be lost without it!

Do you have any beauty favorites that have lasted years and years? Please share!

‘All About Shadow’ Shimmer Eyeshadow in DaybreakClinique


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