april 26, 2016

new in: beauty

Here are a few new beauty products I’ve picked up recently. Let me know if you’ve tried and/or love any of them!


“Life” Eau de Parfum, Fresh

I love Fresh parfums–they’re subtle, elegant, and non-cloying (at least to me). The only con is they never last very long. My sister jokes they’d be great to spray just as you get out of the shower if your day/night involves staying at home. They’d linger pleasantly as you lounge–in the real world they don’t stand a chance after a few hours so I wear them when I know I don’t mind the fading.  David chose this scent for me one of the many times I sent him to Sephora. It’s hard to describe–a bit citrus-y and flowery (but not too much of either) and more warm than sweet.


The Flesh Tone Lip Pencil in “Medium,” Kevyn Aucoin Beauty

I read that this pencil was in quite a few stars’ makeup bags so I decided to give it a try. Most lip pencils I find are too much like lipstick (as in cake-y and too pigmented), which I want sometimes but most days I find hard to maintain. This color matches my lips perfectly (which is the whole pitch of the product) and is the right consistency–it goes on silky, fills in smoothly, and lasts a decent amount of time.


Shades of Earl Grey Massage Bar + Organic Therapy Massage Bar, Lush

I haven’t actually used these yet, but I hear great things. The scents are both divine–a heady lemon oil and bergamot and a softer orange neroli oil and lavender. Their unique fuction intriqued me: formed with cocoa and shea butter, they warm to body heat and melt to lightly provide a light oil/cream to work into your skin (and cut down on friction for that all important back or foot rub). Just touching them slightly produced some pretty strong moisturizer–I can’t wait to use more of each.


Smooth Operator Four-Way Nail Buffer, Deborah Lippmann

I’ve had a few not-so-stellar nail buffers, most of which start shedding small pieces of grit after just a few uses. This one has a finer abrasive lining and is so much more gentle on my nails than any other I’ve tried. The elongated file shape is easier to use than a large block and the foam that pads the inside of this one is super flexible. I used to dread shaping my nails–mine annoyingly grow long and sharp very quickly–but this tool is actually fun to use.


Hoola Matte Bronzer, Benefit Cosmetics

Cult makeup items are so weird, right? Sometimes I wonder if anyone can predict which ones will make it big from as early as the design stage. This bronzer is of course one of those super famous products that everyone loves (it’s even won awards). It is most talked about–at least I think–because it flatters every skin tone. While this is true (it’s definitely not too orange-y or dark), I wasn’t floored the first few times I used it. It’s lovely that it’s matte (I like shimmer, but only in the summer) and not heavy (it doesn’t cake/build easily) but the price is a bit steep and the brush flimsy/hard to hold. I think its best feature is that it goes on subtly, which is perfect for some low-key contouring or a gradual controlled “tan.” I don’t use it everyday, which is win-win for me: I save the splurge for days when I’m looking for an overall more precise/finished look.


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