april 22, 2016

odds and ends

I feel like this has been the first week of actual spring–the weather’s staying warm, each day feels the perfect length (I love waking up and coming home to sunlight), and I can see and feel summer just around the corner. To celebrate I’ve brought out my favorite skirts, left my jackets home, and shopped for some new seasonally appropriate clothes and shoes. Here are some photographic odds and ends to end the week!

below, from top to bottom:

David’s favorite breakfast: smoked salmon Eggs Benedict

Lincoln Center looking extra beautiful

Cupcakes my sister picked up from my favorite cupcakery, Georgetown Cupcake: Vanilla Birthday, Hummingbird, and Cherry Cheesecake

A homemade strawberry custard tart

See you on Monday x

DSC_0321 DSC06928DSC_0784DSC_0338

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