april 21, 2016

my man on makeup

I saw this type of post on one of my favorite blogs (Buy Now Blog Later) so I thought I’d give it a try with David, my very game fiancé. To be fair, David’s had a lot of beauty experience courtesy of the countless shopping trips I’ve sent him on over the years (and believe me, it’s been a lot: our relationship will hit the ten-year mark this fall). He works with computer technology so this is in no way his area of expertise and he’s only started really paying attention to me apply makeup lately. I followed the tag’s rules: I stated the product type and asked its purpose, then wrote down, verbatim, his response (my comments are in italics). I also linked to what I use for each category in case you’re interested in my favorites. Get ready to giggle–I sure did.

…Is to add a base layer to your face, to smooth it out and act as-just like you prime anything when you paint. To give you a consistent texture to apply the rest of the makeup to. Why are you looking at me like I’m wrong? [He looked so serious, I was just stifling a grin already.]
BB Cream
…Is to improve the texture of your skin. And to also conceal imperfections. To cover them.
…Goes on top of the primer. And gives a base layer to apply all the other makeup to. It matches the color of your skin. And it also hides imperfections?
…Is to conceal any imperfections or blemishes on your skin. Why are you laughing? I’m not laughing. You’re laughing. [I was laughing.]
Face Powder
[Long pause.] Goes on top of everything. Gives a natural-looking texture once your makeup is applied.
…Is to add a little bit of glowing-like tan look to your face, so it gives your face more definition. That’s it? Yeah. Makes you look tanned. Or bronzed. [He was pleased with that part.]
[Really long pause] …Is to contour the parts of your face that you want highlighted or brought out. You’re defining highlighting at the end there. That’s what it is. How do you know? Because it’s a highlighter. Have you bought me a highlighter? [Shakes head. Side note: He had.] I don’t know have I? You bought me the light-bulb one. Mhmm [unconvinced].
…To add color to your face. That’s it? And to also bring out your cheekbones. Do you know that from watching me put on makeup? Mhmm. I think.
Finishing Powder
It’s the one I defined before. Face powder? Not really. Ok, to give your face a more natural look after all your makeup is applied. What you put on your face to finish your makeup. I don’t know. It blends it all in. You’re looking at me like I’m crazy. I’m not. [I was holding back a laugh again.]
Eye Shadow
…Is to add color above your, on your upper eyelids. And in between your eyebrows [Side note: Huh?]. It makes your eyes stand out. How? Because it makes, when someone looks at you, they’re more likely to look at your eyes first because they’re darker and more defined. What’s your favorite color eye shadow on me? I like what you do. That purple-y grayish color [Side note: I don’t ever use anything purple or gray, but I do blend beige with black so maybe that’s what he sees?] Or brownish. You do different things though.
…To outline your eye. Sometimes extend its shape and make it stand out more. Do you like it if I wear more or less eyeliner? I like both. I like different ways that you do it.
Inner rim liner
…To outline the inside of your eye, which makes me freak out because I don’t like it. Why don’t you like it? I don’t know, you’re drawing on the inside of your eyelid and I don’t like it. [Side note: He also hates when I curl my eyelashes.]
Eyelash primer
…To get your eyelashes ready for mascara. To smooth them out and I don’t know, be a primer for mascara. Or false eyelashes maybe? [I stifle a laugh.] No, to allow the mascara to cling onto them easier. 
…To lengthen and add volume to your eyelashes. Do you like mascara? Mhmm. Why? Because it goes well with the rest of the makeup you do. 
Brow Kit
…To deepen, and um, add volume. To make your eyebrows stay in one direction.
Brow pencil
…To extend or draw in parts of the eyebrows that need to be expanded or filled in. Do you notice when woman have filled in their eyebrows? No. On me or other people too? No. You think I’m looking at people’s eyebrows?
[Annoyed look]…To add color to your lips. I’m trying to think–and to intensify the look of your lips and enhance them.
Lip Liner
…To outline your lips and make there be a broadly defined border between the color of your lips and the lipstick and the rest of your face.
Setting Spray 
[Confidently] Hairspray you use on your face so that your makeup sticks if you need to have it on for a long period of time. I just explained that to you when we were out shopping the other day because I’ve been considering buying one. [Nods smugly.]
Beauty Blender
…A little spongy thingy that’s used to blend your makeup in a more precise fashion than just using your fingers. Also to clean up mistakes. It can act almost as eraser tool. Or a blur tool if you’re using Photoshop! You just had to get a computer reference in. [Smiles, from the both of us.]

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  1. Oh my gosh, this is undoubtedly the best thing I’ve read all week! Your boyfriend knows so much more than I was anticipating haha – I loved his answer to eye shadow.. perhaps we’ve all been missing a trick and need to start applying it between our eyes? 😉 Have a lovely weekend and thanks for the laughs!

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