april 13, 2016

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I don’t know the exact moment I started to pick up on the recent heeled-mule trend, but I do know that it got me very excited. Shoes had been boring me as of late–as silly as that sounds in fashion-speak–especially since I felt as though nothing had replaced the somewhat tired single-sole/double-strap sandal street-style trend of a few seasons ago. I’m happy to have these two beauties in my closet, and can’t wait to wear them as the warm weather approaches. In case you’re interested in shopping either style, read on for my take on both and for some other similar suggestions!

DSC_0525 DSC_0529

left- Raya Peep Toe Mule: Tory Burch right- Ivory and Black Herbarium Canvas Mule Webby Sandal: Gucci


It’s a tale of two shoes with these two pairs. Both are incredibly luxe (from the design to the packaging–they even have dust bags) and fit true-to-size, but one is a lot more comfortable than the other. The Tory Burch pair (with a faux, stamped-leather “wooden” heel) is incredibly easy to wear and walk in. The soft leather supports your entire instep, the foot bed is decently padded, and the sole’s got some grip. The Gucci shoe is a lot more steep (seriously, the heel is higher than you’d think it is and the arch is very narrow), and the bottom is smooth and thin. The coated canvas is surprisingly non-irritating though (it’s lined with leather) and the straps go high enough to keep the shoe on your foot.


 The Raya mule is versatile, causal enough for jeans or shorts but can dress up a maxi- or midi-dress instantly. The Webby is a bit more formal–from the moment I first saw it in person, I knew it was wearable art. I was completely torn over what color to nab, but I decided this gorgeous print in my favorite color-combo was too unique–and so very Gucci–to pass up (my second favorite is this nude leather version). It’s a truly stunning shoe–celebrity (here, here and here) and fashion-girl endorsed, it makes an outfit.  I’m set for the season, but have you shopped the mule trend? I’m always game for some shoe envy!




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