april 7, 2016

city hall wedding guests

Last fall we had a ‘Friendsgiving’ party the Saturday after Thanksgiving and during the meal someone we’ve known since we were children announced he and his partner had not only decided to get married but that they were going to do it before New Year’s. He had planned an early-morning City Hall wedding, followed by a champagne toast at the Battery Park Ritz Carlton Hotel, and lunch in the Village (more on that tomorrow!). I wasn’t sure what to expect from a City Hall wedding. I’d never been to the office in any capacity, and pictured an atmosphere that would more closely resemble the DMV than the catering halls and churches I was used to. Well when all the ‘I dos’ had been said and the marrying had been done, I found myself pleasantly surprised. While there were waits and crowds and lines (going on a weekday and when it opens helps avoid them–there are more tips here), the atmosphere wasn’t harried or agitated or even cold. In fact, it fit the occasion perfectly–warm, happy, and celebratory.

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What I wore –  Julian Mini Wrap Dress, Diane von Furstenberg; Long-Sleeved Trench: Intermix; Luggage Phantom Tote: Céline;  Slingback pumps: Guess

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