april 1, 2016

trending: cut-hem denim

In my opinion denim gets dated more quickly than any other fashion piece. Shoes tie for a close second, but I can dip back further into my footwear collection than my jean one most days. It’s not the end of the world to purge and restock jeans–usually between normal wear and tear, weight fluctuations, and not-so-stellar original fits or washes, it’s easy to identify which ones are tossable. Plus it seems like every season there’s a new and exciting trend to shop (and rock). I’m loving the cut/frayed hem look that’s emerging lately. I approached it with a recently purchased Levi’s pair (styled here) but would love a more dramatic version of it with a cropped flare or some really visible threads. Check out the pairs above and get some styling inspiration below if you’re looking to dip into the trend like I am!

from left, in header: 

Cropped mid-rise flared jeans: Victoria, Victoria Beckham

The Insider Crop Step Fray jeans in Blue MoonMother

W25 Crop Baby Boot in Siros: 3×1

BeFunky Collage BeFunky Collage3BeFunky Collage2

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