march 14, 2016

bag charms

I have a soft spot for miniaturized versions of full-sized things. I’ve also always loved key chains (confession: I’ve been collecting them whenever I travel since I was a little kid). So it’s no surprise that Fendi’s bag charm revolution had me hooked from the start. The pom pom was a vacation splurge (when in Miami, right?) but the mini baguette was a bit more thought-out. It was steeply discounted online, and I’d done some recon in store: it can actually hold a surprisingly large amount (it’s pretty much an icon-shaped wallet)!

Rib-Knit Midi Tee Dress: Old Navy | Millingport Jacket: Current/Elliott | Basic Extra Soft Scarf: Zara | Boots: Nine West | Pom Pom Bag Charm: Fendi | Micro Baguette: Fendi | Saffiano Lux Double-Zip Tote Bag in Nero: Prada  | Rings: Jennifer Meyer, Catbird, Tiffany & Co. | Nails: Big Spender, Essie

  DSC_046_9  DSC_050_1 DSC_053_2  DSC_0525DSC_0510  DSC_0522DSC_0505DSC_049_3__1457964886_108.171.130.162

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